Autofiction in the novel: reality, fiction and autobiography

Antonio POZO GARC�?A
Universidad de Sevilla, España
[email protected]


Abstract: The aim of this article is to present an analysis of the neologism autofiction. We will focus our attention on its presence in the narrative genre and the different opinions that have been said about it. This first approach will help us later to explain the literary procedures that we believe are present in the autofictional novels, likewise the role that the autofictional writer plays in these works and how the readers receive and interpret them. Thus, all of this leads to an idea that, if not final and closed, is not that uncertain or ambiguous as it was before, about what we understand when we use the word autofiction.

Keywords: autofiction, reality, fiction, autobiography, novel, author, character, reader

Impossibilia. Revista Internacional de Estudios Literarios, Nº 13, páginas 1-20 (Mayo 2023) ISSN 2174-2464. Artículo recibido el 08/12/2016, aceptado el 03/04/2023 y publicado el 30/05/2023.