Oficio de falsario: Jon Juaristi
and autofictional poetry

Verónica LEUCI
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata-CONICET, Argentina


Abstract: We intend to read the poetry of Jon Juaristi (Bilbao, 1951) focusing on the inclusion of author’s proper name in the textual universe. This incorporation opens a complex theoretical constellation in the approach to his poetry, because of its position in a border area: between the fictional status of lyric subject and the “autobiographical” reference. Therefore, we propose to use the category of “autofiction”, postulating its relevance to the study of that verbal identity, between life and writing. This strategy calls into question the conventional and “romantic” identification between “lyric authorial figure” and the “real empirical poet”.

Keywords: Contemporary Spanish Literature, Jon Juaristi, poetic identity, split subject, author’s name, autofictional poetry, autofiction

Impossibilia. Revista Internacional de Estudios Literarios, Nº 13, Páginas 85-105 (Mayo 2017) ISSN 2174-2464. Artículo recibido el 03/08/2016, aceptado el 13/03/2017 y publicado el 30/05/2017.